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Basic information about the site such as plot, rules, and so on will be in this forum.
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Need help with something? Feel free to post a thread here. This forum can also be used for site suggestions after they have been run through an admin.
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All new characters must be posted here for approval. Template is pinned inside. NOTE: You must notify all finished apps in the Notifications thread which will be in the support forum. a link is also available in our quicklinks sections.
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A collection of all our approved characters.
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For all your plotting need. Plotters will be posted here. Requests and Ideas will also have a place here.
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Missions and Bounties will be posted here.

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   RP City
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It is a large metropolitan area that lies in the center of the continent, and in the very center of A-city lies the heroes association. The city itself is a mass of large business and apartment buildings. The city's populace is the greatest in the world, but with such a large population in a small area it is one of the more overcrowded areas. The city used to be riddled with crime until the heroes association was created. Now it is a peaceful and large city directly under the protection of the heroes association. The only beings that dare attack it are ones that can get to it in a short amount of time without having to live there.
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This area is located a few miles to the southeast of A-City. The high population of the metropolitan area helps fund the stadium and shops near the northwest edge of C-City. The rest of the city is a mixture of large apartment buildings and shops with a few areas of suburban living spread throughout it, giving C-City the third largest population in the world. Sadly, since it is not directly under the protection of the heroes association. It is still home to many mysterious beings. Some of the mysterious being live below the surface, and some simply live in the shadows of the town. It is not uncommon for attacks to occur, but they are mostly small attacks.
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J-City lies by the sea. It is a wealthy area with many seaside cliff houses and beach homes located in it. J city is mostly home to the rich, seeing as no one else can afford it, but the areas furthest from the sea are mostly high rise apartment buildings and offices. This is one of the more vulnerable cities. It is one of the very few cities directly threatened by the presence of Seafolk.
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A heavily forested area, what little cabins and camping areas that used to make it habitable have been utterly ruined and destroyed, leaving only signs of pillaging and destruction. Fallen trees, dilapidated cabins and the lack of human presence makes it an area mostly inhabited by mysterious beings.
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The most dangerous area in the world. It heavily populated with both humans and mysterious beings. Daily Danger levels range from wolf to demon with little to no breaks in between. Only the fearless and those with low income dare to live in Q-City. It is a cheap and dangerous place with a 75% chance of death per person per day.
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V-City is the city considered to be perpetually awake; half of the city is filled with the houses and the lavish mansions of popular and rich individuals which resulted in a tighter security. The other half is filled with malls that contain far too expensive products, casinos and bars.
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A prison island many miles from the coast of J-City. The prison is home to all of the land's convicted criminals. It is heavily monitored by the many trained guards inside. They have special restraining devices for the more difficult prisoners to ensure escape is as close to impossible as they can get. In the back of the prison, behind a thickly barricaded door, lies the most difficult prisoners. It is a windowless area surrounded by thick steel to prevent prisoners with powers from breaking through and escaping. Only the highest level of super powered beings can destroy the walls and barricades, but escape from the prison by using other means is not impossible.
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   OOC City
Anything you want to talk about OOC goes here.
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Have any art you want to post? This is the place for that. Includes any form of art; writing, drawing, coding, ect..
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All ads and affiliate requests to other sites go in this forum. Everyone is welcome so long as their advertisement section is also GUEST-FRIENDLY and we don't have any problems posting a linkback. Violations of this will result in the removal of your ad.
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